Wipe a Hard Drive

Maybe you're a James Bond super villain. Or you're a major mob boss. Or maybe you're just selling your computer or hard drive. Regardless of the reason that you want to wipe your hard drive, we know it can be a hard process. Doing it wrong can destroy your computer or leave important files on the hard drive. Are you willing to give your files to some random stranger? I'm not! That's why we have Techies trained on how to safely and completely wipe a hard drive. Our Techies will make sure your computer doesn't get fried and that all of your files are completely wiped. If you need to wipe your hard drive, go with our Techies! There's no reason to take the risk of your files being in the wrong person's hands!

Service includes:

  • Completely Wipe Hard Drive
  • Backup All Data (Extra)
  • Transfer All Data to New Hard Drive (Extra)
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