Tune-up a Computer or Laptop

You know the feeling. It takes four days to open your internet browser. Three days to check your email. A whopping week to turn the computer on again. You've had the experience of yelling “Noooo!” as someone turned it off. Okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but slow computers are terrible. Think back to when you bought this computer. “Oh man, this is state of the art! This is going to be so fast!” And it was! But now it's slowed down with bloatware, unwanted software, and who knows what else. You'd try to speed it back up, but you have no idea where to start. That's where our Techies come in. Our Techies have a strategy to take any computer running at a turtle's pace and kick it up a couple notches. If you want to keep getting the same performance you got out of your computer when you bought it, give our Techies a call!

Service includes:

  • Make Your Computer Run Faster
  • Clean Up Your System and Hard Drive
  • Remove Bloatware and Unwanted Software
  • Clean and Dust Hardware
  • Virus Removal if Required. A Slight Charge Will Be Placed.
  • Service Can Be Preformed Remotely with Savvy Now! Our Innovative Security Software
Book a Techie Now for only $99

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