Install or Uninstall Software

What happened to the good ol’ days of buying the disks, putting it into the computer and running the software? Now you’ve got 500 step processes to install and use your software. This can get confusing, and most of the time it leads to issues. Some features don’t work because the software was installed in the wrong location, it’s using too much memory, so on. Our Techies know how to get your software up and running in a flash. No hassle, no worries about future issues. Let our Techies take over and get you up and running! Our Techies can also uninstall any unwanted software that you want, without any issues.

Service includes:

  • Verify Your Software and Computer are Compatible
  • Install or Uninstall Any Software
  • Update Your Software to Ensure it Runs Smooth
  • Create Shortcuts So You Can Easily Access Your Software
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