Install or Set up a Hard Drive

A new hard drive is a wonderful thing. You’ve got all this wonderful, unused space….sitting on your desk. Installing a new hard drive is a huge hassle. You have to open your computer, edit your computer’s motherboard settings, yada yada. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just did this for you, and all you had to do was enjoy the new space in your computer? With our Techies, this is reality.

Our Techies are professionals, trained to install hard drives quickly with no data loss. We can transfer your data from your old to your new, without losing any of it. Your computer is an expensive item to try to install a new hard drive yourself with the risk of static shock ruining the whole thing without you knowing. You also run the risks of losing data, you certainly don’t want to lose those pictures of the kids or of that vacation last summer. Let our Techies take the hard work out of getting space in your computer.

Service includes:

  • Install Your Hard Drive
  • Quickly and Safely Transfer Data
  • Test Hard Drive and Implementation
  • Answer Any Questions and Teach About the Process
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